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DIMA ATOZ-PP050 SMD pick and place

  • vision centering
  • optimal for low-medium size batches and prototypes
  • flexible component handling
  • easy programming
  • can be programmed remotely by off-line software
  • intelligent feeders
  • smallest part size: 0402(1005 metric)
  • maximum PCB size: 350x450mm
  • able to handle any packages including QFN, QFP, BGA, VTLA etc.

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Dima Atoz PP-050 Pick and Place machine
Dima Atoz PP-050 Pick and Place machine Dima Atoz PP-050 Pick and Place machine Dima Atoz PP-050 Pick and Place machine

Principle of vapor phase soldering


The heating of the PCBs is sourced by thermal energy emitted by the phase transition of a heat transfer liquid (Galder) condensing on the PCBs. The liquid used is chosen with a desired boiling point in mind to suit the solder alloy to be reflowed.

This makes very precise temperature controll possible.


EXMORE VS-500 vapor phase reflow oven

  • consistent heat transfer
  • heat is trasferred by a fluid, so it's more efficient
  • precise temperature controll, it's the parameter of the fluid used
  • perfect soldering for the first time without waste

More information about this technology


EXMORE vapor-phase reflow oven

EBSO SPA 300 NC selective soldering machine

  • lead-free soldering in nitrogen
  • wetable nozzles
  • bottom prehear
  • 300 x 300mm soldering area
  • Microdrop fluxer
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EBSO SPA 300 NC selective soldering machine

eC-Stencil-Mate printer

  • parallel separation
  • support for double-sided boards
  • flexible stencil fixture
  • economic because no frames needed for stencils
Stencil printer

Sweep mode


Sweep mode is a small continuous variation of the ultrasonic frequency around a central value, such as 40 kHz ±3 kHz. Sweep mode is important for cleaning precision parts and surgical instruments where highly uniform cleaning is needed. It is less important when the results need not be perfect, such as degreasing carburetors and fuel injectors. Harmonic vibration can occur when the fixed ultrasonic frequency causes part resonance, potentially damaging sensitive components such as fine wires or crystals. Obviously, harmonic vibration is undesirable when cleaning electronics and printed circuit boards.


ELMA S120H ultrasonic cleaner

  • sweep mode
  • heating with temperature controller
  • timer
  • stainless steel construction


  Information about sweep mode
ELMA ultrasonic cleaner